Month: July 2016

Ideas for a Mascot Costume


I mentioned it a good idea to dress up your pet shall be that we place a sweater or sweatshirt with which to make characters are dressed or even other animals.

Another idea is to try to adapt a costume of some drinks that we could be a good option especially for very small dogs like toy poodle or newborn puppy dogs and cats.

Probably the easiest dress are dogs , especially if they are used to being dressed in sweater or winter clothing .

Only you have to do is add some details to your clothes, for example, in the case of my late dog Rocco , he had a sweater on military fabric and a fantastic idea that we did for Halloween was confeccionarle a military cap paper to complete the look.

We can also draw on some supplements and for example putting on some jewelry to go like rich, or manufacture wings with some cloth or paper.

Other ideas include adding a superhero cape, spidery, giraffe spots or tiger stripes, made of paper or cardboard.

Tips before disguise for a pet

Before getting to disguise pets, or start thinking about homemade costumes for carnival, perhaps better to think if the pet will enjoy it or otherwise will have a hard time.

Think pets need not go dressed, and although sometimes dogs, especially, that even wear suits to protect them from the cold, some of them do not want to take them or just spend shame. To us it may cause great enthusiasm, resultarnos hilarious and very tender butare our pets, first think about them before you take another step.

Many animals, such as cats or dogs, usually quite shameful when it comes to their appearance, so do not do something that you can excite you, but it will not be beneficial to your emotional stability.

On the other hand, if you decided to dress up your pet does not choose clothes or costume you tighten them as only going to get uncomfortable when it finishes booting. And careful if you put a mask or hat, because you will hold it and you better not tighten them.