Month: September 2017

Tips to protect your pet


There are many types of pets you can adopt, from the most common (dogs and cats) to the more exotic, like snakes and tarantulas. Here are some Tips to protect your pet,

1. Avoid constant load: Try to resist this temptation, because your body is very delicate. If you do, first placed a hand on his back and one on the chest, lift it with both hands and hold it close to your body so you feel safe.

2. Schedule for your needs: Establish a regular routine of feeding ; if it is a dog, take it out for a walk frequently to make their needs, especially when you wake up. If you see him walking in circles or whining near the door, are confident that need to be outdoors quickly signs. For cats, remember that they defecate in the sand, which must be changed every 5 days.

3. Take care of your health: Regular brushing is essential for young dogs, because it removes dead hair, dirt and parasites ; it stimulates the blood supply to the skin , which creates a healthier coat and shiny. It uses special equipment for this action.

As for the bathroom, do it only when you need it, because too many washes can remove essential oils from the skin , making it duller and less waterproof. To do this, use a bathtub or shower, warm water and a quality shampoo. Rub, trying not to get water in your eyes and ears. Dry it thoroughly with a towel and make sure your pet is completely dry.

4. Monitors your teeth and chewing: To help out all teeth and stop biting furniture, your puppy will need some indestructible object such as a rubber bone or ball to chew. Make sure these products are sized so that not to swallow. Avoid real bones as they can splinter and suffocate. To control tartar and plaque, it is advisable to nourish it with a dry food because it will help loosen the teeth and accelerate the process of teething. If your puppy’s mouth is very sensitive, softens water by dipping it first meal.