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How to maintain a clean house with pets


Recent studies have supported the idea that living with pets is a good thing for children and the elderly , both psychologically and health, as the babies grow up with a pet at home do freer from allergies. However, one of the most important barriers that we find when we are thinking about adopting a pet is cleanliness. If we follow some simple guidelines in daily cleaning taking into account the needs of the animal , we will not have any problems and we and our children can enjoy their company.

Ways to maintain a clean house with pets,

Creales a place to sleep and in the case of cats, a place to relieve themselves as clean as possible, no carpets on materials or fabrics that can be easily washed in a place other than transit (cats like to have privacy) and you can aerate well.

Do not give food or drink in the kitchen and avoid the continued presence of animals in this space to avoid stop “remains” (hair, drool, rust …) that may cause cross contamination. Especially must be kept out while cooking and not let entering this space toys or playthings.

Neither should be regulars of bedrooms and beds , and is especially advisable not assign a space to sleep in these environments.

Keep your pets clean, but without exaggeration, because it may deteriorate the protective mantle of the skin and a rebound effect that favors odor or hair loss occur.

• Select the soil surface is easy to clean and do better to nail the front dog .

• Do not delay cleaning. The dirt is easier to clean when fresh, and is less likely to leave a permanent stain.

• Do not use cleaners containing ammonia, because the smell is like urine.

• Uses a dog odor neutralizer based enzymes to remove urine odor you’ll find in pet stores or drugstores.

• Concentrate on the areas where odors are hiding. Places where the dog sleeps, eats and plays can create foul odors. Thoroughly clean these areas at least twice a week.


Things to know while having Pets for Children


  • Firstly it is important to know that even your little promise to care for the animal , at certain times the responsibility also fall on you, so you must know that you also need time available for that, before any distraction from small, you take charge of the mascot.
  • Before choosing any kind is necessary to know why the child wants that animal and not another, why a kitten or puppy, really empathize with that animal or that one little friend has one and he also wishes. A pet needs attention , affection and above all dedication, it is necessary that your child is ready to accept it and not see it as a fad that will change if you get bored.
  • It is important that the pet is well suited to the lifestyle and family needs: for example a large dog requires physical activity, take him out for walks do you have time for it, and if the cat that your child wants to leave hairs Everywhere, do we tolerate these and other questions are important , because the idea is that the new animal to adapt to family life and you to it.
  • All pets need attention in different ways, for example a fish need someone with time to care for and maintain the aquarium, a dog requires education , game, activity, discipline a cat, mimes, regardless of their physical needs , hygiene, food, medical. Take into account.
  • If your child is very young you probably do not have the maturity to take care of a pet, larger perhaps easier kids, this factor must also be considered.


What are the best Pets for Kids ?


The children / as are very likely to want to have a pet and, in many cases, parents do not allow it because they believe it is too important a charge. While some pets require much care and attention , it is also true that some others are easy care and children themselves can perform key tasks. So you know what you should put in this article we tell what are the best pets for children.

“Mom please take care and always promise, love”, this is a classic beg of childhood, and that is when there is an animal at home is common, arrival certain age, children ask for a pet .

But how do you know if you are ready for that responsibility how do you determine if the desire is real or product in any fashion and more importantly what species will be right for your son?, are many questions, so here we offer some useful tips for you to know how to choose the ideal pet for a child

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Rabbits
  • Fishes