How to take care of Pets ?


Learn to detect diseases: Often, you think your pet is not feeling well and a quick visit to the vet will help you confirm that something is not working correctly. Symptoms include loss of appetite, rejection of water, decrease or sudden increase in weight , slowness or refusal to play, frequent or rare, bloody or soft, vomiting , excessive salivation or breathing irregular.

Train him: Nobody likes a disobedient and uncontrolled dog, so to adopt it can start with your workout. One of the first things you should do is recognize your name. Use it as often as you can to get your attention: when you congratulate yourself as you feed.

Identify it: Accustom your dog to wear a soft early on collar. After a while, add a short leash and light and lose yourself in it without pulling it for a few days. The aim is to accustom him to walk with you without pulling. If you run, or delayed, a gentle tug is all you need to do. Stay close to him to not feel like loose.

Travel with your pet: Life can be very complicated if your dog used to traveling by car. First, accustom to make small paths 5-10 minutes on alternate days, and gradually increases journey times until you feel comfortable.