Lesser known Animals as Pets


Guinea pig or cavy

These animals are quite independent and require little maintenance, so the kids in the house can engage smoothly. When purchasing a guinea pig or cavy, you should consider a few things about choosing a guinea pig . Also, you can see here the main thing about how to feed them to lead a healthy life.


The hamster is a good “first” pet because they are friendly, small, and best of all, they are easy and inexpensive to maintain. If you want to know more about the care of these animals, do not miss our article on how to care for a hamster .


Fish not behave too much maintenance, you only need them for eating and cleaning the aquarium; You can see in more detail how to care for fish properly . If you have a garden with enough space, you can even install and maintain a fish pond .


Animals are very docile , provide companionship, do not need too much space … so become a good pet to have at home and that children / as may assist in your care. In unComo also tell you how to care for a pet rabbit and how to feed.