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Tips for Maintaining Dogs


Here are some Tips for Maintaining Dogs,

1 . If he is aggressive consult an expert to determine the causes of aggression.
2 . Let chew something suitable. Specialty stores will provide you with bones, toys … will avoid to bite things we do not want (furniture, doors …)
3 . Follow recommendations to educate your dog, start with simple things: sit, lie, give them small rewards (food) if you obey your instructions.
4 . If you must punish him do so immediately after committing the foul.
5 . Be rigorous in vaccines, care and instructions from your veterinarian in general. Extreme cleaning and do not let young (and older) have contact with the mouth (transmission of worms). Calendar of vaccines
6 . Be on time to give her appropriate to their age and size meals. We do not advise to give in when prompted food out of hours (to hear or smell our food). Do not allow food theft.
7 . Do not punish him for barking, but try to correct the tendency inevitable choice.
8 . You need the presence of their owners. It suffers, if you have prolonged periods of solitude. Treat it with care and affection.
9 . Have proper and regular cleaning habits.